FFXIV RP Transcript | “Introducing Firkmann and Orphaniel” | 2017-12-11

Date: 2017-12-11
Western Thanalan, Scorpion Crossing

Players: Jorun Iwata, Orphaniel Bunansa, Firkmann Lalaralza (Firkmann Ralza), Kitah Lunaris, Ryoku Hellvalor, Alric Cantrell (Renji Hyuuga), Y’tahka Tia
NPCs: Several Brass Blades

Note: The syntax of my d20-style action is supposed to be as follows:

1. Roll (for effectiveness of your defending move against previous attacker) (but only if you’re not the first attacker).
2. Describe your defending action as well as the repercussions of what the attacker did to you.
3. Describe your attack or other move.
4. Roll (for effectiveness of your attack).

So it will look like this:

Random! Orphaniel rolls a 599.
Orphaniel blocks the kick.
Orphaniel strikes back.
Random! Orphaniel rolls a 700.

Random! Ryoku rolls a 100. (It is compared to the 700 before.)
Ryoku is knocked away by Orphaniel.
Ryoku throws his spear at Orphaniel.
Random! Orphaniel rolls a 900.


I messed this up badly at first, and fixed it 2/3 through. Sorry.

[Nearby Ul’dah and The Goblet, at the Scorpion Crossing settlement in Western Thanalan…]

Kitah Lodestone FaceKitah Lunaris: Is anything we do necessary?

Ryoku Lodestone FaceRyoku Hellvalor: All that… dragoon training came in handy though. Holding up back there Kitah?!

Orphaniel Lodestone FaceOrphaniel Bunansa: A small Lalafellin child dashes into the gates of the Thanalan settlement and quickly ducks behind a pillar. Shortly after, several Brass Blades enter the settlement.

Ryoku Lodestone FaceRyoku Hellvalor pants lightly from all of the slaying.

[Among others, a male Roegadyn Brass Blade named “Firkmann” runs out to the settlement, apparently looking for the child.]

Firkmann Lodestone FaceFirkmann Ralza looks around.

Jorun Lodestone FaceJorun Iwata notices a small child dashing around and investigates.
[Jorun finds Orphaniel hiding.]
Jorun Iwata looks Orphaniel Bunansa in the eyes. “Are you alright?”

Orphaniel Lodestone FaceOrphaniel Bunansa motions to Jorun to be silent, with an expression of distraught and fear on his face.

Jorun Lodestone FaceJorun Iwata closes his mouth mid-sentence.

Kitah Lodestone FaceKitah Lunaris is quiet as she watches her commanding officer investigate the Lalafellan child, preferring to not really get involved in such things.

Ryoku Lodestone FaceRyoku Hellvalor takes notice of the Lalafell seeming a bit skiddish.

Orphaniel Lodestone FaceOrphaniel Bunansa looks around, seeing [the] several strangers staring straight at him.

Ryoku Lodestone FaceRyoku Hellvalor: “All alright there lil guy?”

Jorun Lodestone FaceJorun Iwata tries to calm Orphaniel Bunansa anyway he can.
Jorun Iwata: “Ryoku, quiet. Theres something amiss.

Orphaniel Lodestone FaceOrphaniel Bunansa: The tiny Lalafell crouches down, looking around towards the Brass Blades, and then back at Ryoku. “Shhh!” The Brass Blades are questioning a merchant in the distance.

Firkmann Lodestone FaceFirkmann Ralza: “Where did that short pint go?” Firkmann looks around followed by a few fellow Brass Blades. “I’ll be so dead if they found I lost him,” he said more to himself than his comrades.

Orphaniel Lodestone FaceOrphaniel Bunansa sees Firkmann looking in his direction and scoots a bit to the right, further behind the pillar.

Ryoku Lodestone FaceRyoku Hellvalor Crosses his arms stepping to the side of the scene keeping a watchful eye, letting his officer handle the Lalafell. He had an uneasy feel from the large one before him. He stayed ready just in case any word was given.

Firkmann Lodestone FaceFirkmann Ralza: Looking over to a red haired Lalafell. “You there. I’m looking for a lad about your size, all blue, blonde hair.” He noticed a patch of blue along the pillar but paid it no mind when his fellows didn’t mention it. “We are of the Brass Blades, That young’n is a ward of Lord Atoya.” His voice firm but, his eyes shifting from person to person infront of him.

Jorun Lodestone FaceJorun Iwata motions at Orphaniel Bunansa to stay here.
Jorun Iwata: “I’m sorry, i havnt seen anyone fitting your description. Me and my free company members are just here for the cactuars.

Kitah Lodestone FaceKitah Lunaris looked around with sharp eyes, glancing between everyone but the little Lallafel in blue, so as not to give the boy away. She crossed her arms over her chest and merely waited, standing ready.

Orphaniel Lodestone FaceOrphaniel Bunansa: The Brass Blades who were questioning the merchant turn about. An officer points towards Kitah and Ryoku, speaking something to his subordinates. They jog over to the group of travelers. “We are looking for a Lalafell child who has run away. We have deemed you suspicious.”

Jorun Lodestone FaceJorun Iwata looks around and whispers, “Ryoku, Kitah, be ready you two.”

Kitah Lodestone FaceKitah Lunaris raised an eyebrow, not wanting to start a fight, but more than willing to finish one if Jorun gave the orders, she uncrossed her arms, “By what reasons have we been deemed as such?” She asked.

Orphaniel Lodestone FaceOrphaniel Bunansa: One was a Hyur man and the other was a Lalafell, both swordsmen.
Orphaniel Bunansa: “Your glances and manner of hiding give you away,” the Hyur replied.
The Hyur continued. “It would not do to arrest you for questioning. The child is here, and to take you would be to lose him.”
Orphaniel Bunansa: The Lalafell chimes in. “Don’t be gettin’ yourselves in trouble now!”

Ryoku Lodestone FaceRyoku Hellvalor had a smirk creep over his face as he was growing far too tired fighting cactuars. “Most of us are fully battle-oriented mercenaries, quite skilled with our trade. I am quite bored with our mission but it seems things might be spicing up some.” He gripped his spear from behind his head and awaited any further instruction. “Fancy yourselves any talent?” He now was simply being goaded by the idle threats. He never was one to simply ignore a challenge.

Firkmann Lodestone FaceFirkmann Ralza: Hearing his fellow officers speak to the band of travelers “I was questionin-“. He hushed himself as one of them gave him a look. With a hard gulp, he steps to the pillar slowly.

Jorun Lodestone FaceJorun Iwata disregards the brass blade questioning him and motions to Kitah and Ryoku to pack up the catuar needles. “These Brass Blades seem like they would go to any lengths for this child, for whtever reason that is. Let’s not let that happen.”

Orphaniel Lodestone FaceOrphaniel Bunansa: “We may not be much of a challenge for you, but we are paid to do our jobs. Lord Atoya will hire better if we fail.” With that, he places a hand on the hilt of his sword.

Kitah Lodestone FaceKitah Lunaris shook her head at Ryoku. She should have known that’s what he would do in this situation, but she just shrugged a shoulder. “I don’t know about you, but we were minding our own business, merely passing through, and I don’t recall any hiding. But if you want a fight, just know: it’s doubtful you will win.”

Jorun Lodestone FaceJorun Iwata: “Hey there no need to draw your weapons, we’re here on official free company business.”
Jorun Iwata pulls out the order of 500 cactuar needles.
Jorun Iwata: “See? Ryoku, show them the needles.”

Ryoku Lodestone FaceRyoku Hellvalor loosened his grip on his spear, waiting to see if diplomacy might get them any ground.
Ryoku Hellvalor pulls out the amount of needles he had collected thus far… “I got about…. really??? Only 93?”

Firkmann Lodestone FaceFirkmann Ralza: Peering around the pillar trying to find the Lalafellin child. Now circling the pillar slowly.

Ryoku Lodestone FaceRyoku Hellvalor is glancing over at the big man approaching the child. His grip tightened on his spear once more, waiting to see if they would have a fight by default.

Orphaniel Lodestone FaceOrphaniel Bunansa sees Firkmann and backs around the pillar towards the open. The officer sees him and shouts. “Firkmann, get that child!”

Ryoku Lodestone FaceRyoku Hellvalor leaps towards the child and takes a defensive stance.

Jorun Lodestone FaceJorun Iwata: “Ryoku, Kitah, on me!

Orphaniel Lodestone FaceOrphaniel Bunansa: The officer continues. “Blades, take them for questioning!”

Firkmann Lodestone FaceFirkmann Ralza: Grabbing the Lalafellin child, he quickly rushes towards the Goblet. “Don’t resist. Hold still!”

[Firkmann runs off carrying Orphaniel away while the others engage the Brass Blades.]

Jorun Lodestone FaceJorun Iwata: “Alright you two, ready to put these pesky Blades down?’

Kitah Lodestone FaceKitah Lunaris Kitah shook her head, “I’m always ready for a fight.”

Orphaniel Lodestone FaceOrphaniel Bunansa: The Lalafell and Hyur Brass Blades take out their irons and attempt to arrest Jorun and Ryoku first.
Orphaniel Bunansa: Another Brass Blade comes from the opposite gate to attack Kitah, while the officer confronts Gladion.

Ryoku Lodestone FaceRyoku Hellvalor charges in full speed using his spear to propel himself off the ground and through the window. Landing beside the large man he used the dull side of his spear to try to knock the man out possibly with a blunt attack.
Random! Ryoku Hellvalor rolls a 606.

Jorun Lodestone FaceJorun Iwata readies his blade and puts on defensive stance to keep Kitah and Ryoku out of harm’s way.

Kitah Lodestone FaceKitah Lunaris turned as she noticed the sound of someone coming up behind her, rapier held at the ready, prepared to throw out her first spell.
Random! Kitah Lunaris rolls a 734.

Orphaniel Lodestone FaceRandom! Orphaniel Bunansa rolls a 492.
Random! Orphaniel Bunansa rolls a 797.
Orphaniel Bunansa: The Lalafell that tried to arrest Kitah fumbles with the irons and doesn’t act.
Orphaniel Bunansa: The Hyur that Ryoku attempted to attack is caught off-guard, but he swerves and blocks Ryoku’s spear with his sword as he stumbles.
Orphaniel Bunansa: He attempts to shoulder tackle Ryoku back through where he came in.
Random! Orphaniel Bunansa rolls a 620.
Orphaniel Bunansa: The Highlander Hyur attempts to push Jorun down with sheer force.
Random! Orphaniel Bunansa rolls a 7.

Kitah Lodestone FaceKitah Lunaris frowns at the Lalafell, throwing out a simple ‘Jolt’ spell to keep him back. If she was successful with her hit after she threw the spell, she would move further back so as not to harm her allies while casting.
Random! Kitah Lunaris rolls a 223.

Ryoku Lodestone FaceRyoku Hellvalor challenges the Hyur with his own strength, attempting to tackle back if he was able to overpower him and get him down on the ground.
Random! Ryoku Hellvalor rolls a 25.

Jorun Lodestone FaceJorun Iwata: Given Jorun’s small stature he easily dodges the Hyur’s attack and swings his sword towards his legs.
Random! Jorun Iwata rolls a 152.

Orphaniel Lodestone FaceOrphaniel Bunansa: The Lalafell that Kitah attacked is shocked by the spell and drops his irons. He takes out his blade and charges Kitah.
Random! Orphaniel Bunansa rolls a 174.
[I was supposed to roll here, but I got confused a bit and forgot.]
Orphaniel Bunansa: Ryoku is knocked back out the window by the Midlander Hyur. He jumps through and attempts to knock him down onto the ground for an arrest.
Random! Orphaniel Bunansa rolls a 862.

Ryoku Lodestone Face[Ryoku was supposed to roll here, but I got confused a bit and forgot about how the system worked.]
Ryoku Hellvalor: He crashed through some wood leaving him slightly disoriented. Feeling the ground hit his back, he sprang off of it to try to land back on his feet, taking a stand with whatever balance he could muster.
Random! Ryoku Hellvalor rolls a 922.

Orphaniel Lodestone Face[I was supposed to roll here, but I got confused a bit and forgot.]
Orphaniel Bunansa: The Highlander nimbly jumps over Jorun’s sword and then attempts to punt him several feet away with one foot.
Random! Orphaniel Bunansa rolls a 899.

Jorun Lodestone FaceJorun Iwata readies for the punt to simply grab onto the Highlanders leg instead of being sent throught the air.
Random! Jorun Iwata rolls a 147.

Orphaniel Lodestone FaceOrphaniel Bunansa: Ryoku regains his balance with great skill.

Ryoku Lodestone FaceRyoku Hellvalor: He breaks out his Dragoon training (not holding back now), jumping as hard as he could towards the roof of the building and latching on with his feet and claws and sprinting back off towards his Hyur opponent, spear extended point-out.
Random! Ryoku Hellvalor rolls a 554.

Orphaniel Lodestone Face[I was supposed to roll here, but I got confused a bit and forgot.]
Orphaniel Bunansa: Jorun flies several feet in the air, and the Hyur attempts to catch him with his irons out, ready to shackle him.
Random! Orphaniel Bunansa rolls a 324.
Orphaniel Bunansa: The Midlander Hyur with a surprising display of skill attempts to grab the front of the spear and circle around with an elbow to Ryoku’s face.
Random! Orphaniel Bunansa rolls a 750.

Jorun Lodestone Face[Jorun was supposed to roll here, but I got confused a bit and forgot about how the system worked.]
Jorun Iwata plunges toward the Hyur ready to send his boot right into the Hyur’s face.
Random! Jorun Iwata rolls a 303.

Ryoku Lodestone Face[Ryoku was supposed to roll here, but I got confused a bit and forgot about how the system worked.]
Ryoku Hellvalor: Getting his spear caught during this maneuver showed the Hyur had some talent after all, and he got a bit spun around due to the strength difference. He saw the elbow coming for him as he dipped backwards to avoid it, his foot coming up to land a kick to the back of his head while springing backwards.
Random! Ryoku Hellvalor rolls a 751.

Orphaniel Lodestone Face[I was supposed to roll here, but I got confused a bit and forgot.]
Orphaniel Bunansa: The Highlander Hyur fumbles a bit but catches Jorun and just barely gets the irons around his wrists. He attempts to clamp them on.
Random! Orphaniel Bunansa rolls a 691.

Jorun Lodestone Face[Jorun was supposed to roll here, but I got confused a bit and forgot about how the system worked.]
Jorun Iwata swings his fist back trying to evade the cuffs.
Random! Jorun Iwata rolls a 431.

Orphaniel Lodestone FaceRandom! Orphaniel Bunansa rolls a 521.
Orphaniel Bunansa: Ryoku’s kick hits the Midlander Hyur and he stumbles back. He attempts to rush Ryoku and knock him to the ground.
Random! Orphaniel Bunansa rolls a 346.
Random! Orphaniel Bunansa rolls a 743.
Orphaniel Bunansa: The Highlander Hyur successfully cuffs Jorun and begins to take him aside.

Ryoku Lodestone Face[Ryoku was supposed to roll here, but I got confused a bit and forgot about how the system worked.]
Ryoku Hellvalor: Not falling for their strength again, he leaps using his dragoon training over their head trying to perform a midair skewer down through their head. It was apparent now that they were not going to give up easily.
Random! Ryoku Hellvalor rolls a 409.

Jorun Lodestone FaceJorun Iwata lets the the Highlander take him aside hoping his subordinates can handle this.

Orphaniel Lodestone Face[I was supposed to roll here, but I got confused a bit and forgot.]
Orphaniel Bunansa: The Midlander Hyur sees Ryoku and attempts to step aside.
Random! Orphaniel Bunansa rolls a 432.

Ryoku Lodestone Face[Ryoku was supposed to roll here, but I got confused a bit and forgot.]
Ryoku Hellvalor misses his skewer and lands on his feet, pivoting in a spinning motion and trying to catch him with a wide swipe across the abdomen. He Gripped the spear firmly hoping the handle could withstand the crash of the blow.
Random! Ryoku Hellvalor rolls a 70.

[Firkmann runs back to the settlement gates to engage the fighters. Orphaniel is nowhere to be seen. Firkmann taunts the opposing side, laughing particularly hard at Jorun who is cuffed and on the ground.]

Orphaniel Lodestone FaceRandom! Orphaniel Bunansa rolls a 472.
Orphaniel Bunansa: The Midlander Hyur catches the spear and stops Ryoku’s action. “Firkmann, godsdamnit. Be worth the pay we give you and help me with this miscreant!”
Orphaniel Bunansa: He then attempts to trip Ryoku off his feet.
Random! Orphaniel Bunansa rolls a 554.

Ryoku Lodestone FaceRandom! Ryoku Hellvalor rolls a 445.
Ryoku Hellvalor: Having his spear gripped caused him loose balance from the trip. He spun backwards, catching himself and springing back to his feet– but this time without his spear. Gripping his daggers he spun them in hand as he leapt towards the man now holding too many weapons for his own good, thrusting his daggers towards his collarbone.
Random! Ryoku Hellvalor rolls a 642.

Orphaniel Lodestone FaceRandom! Orphaniel Bunansa rolls a 570.
Orphaniel Bunansa: The Midlander attempts to block the daggers with both spears, but he doesn’t hold them back perfectly. The daggers scrape at his chest, giving him mild cuts.
Orphaniel Bunansa: The Midlander drops one of the spears and attempts a long swipe to smack Ryoku in the head.
Random! Orphaniel Bunansa rolls a 122.

Firkmann Lodestone FaceFirkmann Ralza: Firkmann rushed towards the Midlander Hyur. “Sorry, coming!” he shouted trying to grab Ryoku from behind to try and subdue.
Random! Firkmann Ralza rolls a 20.
Firkmann Ralza: ((I rolled a 20. Give up, losers!))

Jorun Lodestone FaceJorun Iwata stands and headbutts the Brass Blade that is keeping him subdued.
Random! Jorun Iwata rolls a 28.

Orphaniel Lodestone FaceOrphaniel Bunansa: Jorun has a very soft head.

Ryoku Lodestone Face[Ryoku’s response is absent.]
Ryoku Hellvalor heard the sound of incoming in a hostile manner, taking both daggers in his hand after the cut he landed with his opponents to either side and making an outward stab towards both of them in attempts to bring things to a quick and savage close.
Random! Ryoku Hellvalor rolls a 372.

Orphaniel Lodestone FaceRandom! Orphaniel Bunansa rolls a 201.
Orphaniel Bunansa: The Midlander is moderately but not severely wounded.

Firkmann Lodestone FaceRandom! Firkmann Ralza rolls a 274.
Firkmann Ralza: Firk saw the blade slashing in his general direction, but unable to fully stop his momentum as he moved enough to keep his cut shallow. He hissed slightly as it connected, and stepped back to pull his sword.

Alric Lodestone FaceRenji Hyuuga Renji strolls was on his way to Horizon to meet the rest of his party at the Waking Sands when he heard a commotion during his travels just outside of Scorpion Crossing. He approached the area where the commotion had been coming from and noticed a fight between people whom he did not know. Renji, seeing a two-versus-one and having a penchant for fighting, decided he’d join the outnumbered man and attempt to help, though he know not what the skirmish was about. He crouched down with a hand on his hilt, the other hand on the sheathe of his blade. After a moment he dashed along the ground, moving with astounding speed, as he performed Hissatsu: Gyoten. Instead of using his blade, he swung the pommel of his hilt toward the back of the the larger of the two men’s head.
Random! Renji Hyuuga rolls a 331.

Ryoku Lodestone FaceRyoku Hellvalor: His dagger struck true into the stomach of the Midlander, stabbing moderately into his body. Not entirely life-threatening but surely something they would need to adress promptly. Ryoku turned his full attention to the large man before him. He then darted forward with high mobility and slid towards him, slashing at his ankle and hoping to severely immobilize him.
Random! Ryoku Hellvalor rolls a 233.

Orphaniel Lodestone FaceOrphaniel Bunansa: The Midlander is moderately wounded from Ryoku’s attack and begins to turn around. “Firkmann, you have this in the bag! We will return to our posts!” The Midlander and the Highlander give Firkmann a Flame Salute and run off.
Orphaniel Bunansa: Jorun is still cuffed and on the ground.

Jorun Lodestone FaceJorun Iwata is left unguarded. He stands up rushing towards Firk, ready to give out another well-deserved headbutt, hoping he doesn’t get punted again.
Random! Jorun Iwata rolls a 919.

Firkmann Lodestone FaceRandom! Firkmann Ralza rolls a 800.
Random! Firkmann Ralza rolls a 903.
Firkmann Ralza: Noticing Renji running towards him, he turned towards him and moves his shield with enough time to block the incoming pommel, all the while keeping his attention on Ryoku’s charge. Firkmann lifts his foot above Ryoku’s blade and makes it hit the dirt as he brought his foot down on it.
Random! Firkmann Ralza rolls a 459.

Ryoku Lodestone FaceRandom! Ryoku Hellvalor rolls a 325.
Ryoku Hellvalor tries to pull his hand back but gets it caught in his boot slamming down. The impact shot pain through his arm causing him to let go of his dagger, but he rolled out of the placement. Reaching over and grabbing his spear off the ground, he did his best to grip the rear of the hilt while making a firm thrust towards Firk’s chest.
Random! Ryoku Hellvalor rolls a 942.

Firkmann Lodestone FaceRandom! Firkmann Ralza rolls a 83.
Firkmann Ralza: The little Lalafell charging hit between Firk’s legs, making him stop the fight holding up his hand at them backing away. “Ow, you little!” He slumps down obviously hurting. His foot now leaving the blade in the dirt. His voice gently higher than before, “time out, oww, low blow…”

Jorun Lodestone FaceJorun Iwata bursts out laughing at Firkmann Ralza.

Firkmann Lodestone FaceRandom! Firkmann Ralza rolls a 574.
Firkmann Ralza: Firk tries to grab the spear before it struck him, still reeling from the shot to the nuts. Only enough time to pull the strong spear to his shoulder rather than square in the chest. “Argh…”

Alric Lodestone FaceRenji Hyuuga: As Renji’s pommel bounced off Firkman’s shield Renji noticed a blur of red dash passed him and nail the Roegadyn squarely in the nads. He forced himself to stop the chuckle that the comedic sight forced upon him and failed. Renji stepped back watching the Miqo’te thrust his spear at the Roegadyn. Noticing it was two versus one and the Roegadyn was in serious danger, Renji swung his blade toward the stab aiming for the wooden part of the spear, attempting to sever the head of the spear away from the handle of the spear in an attempt to save the large man in his dire situation.
Random! Renji Hyuuga rolls a 205.

Ryoku Lodestone FaceRyoku Hellvalor spear was stuck slightly into Firkmann when he saw the samurai making a swing to stop his own. Curious as to what was going on he sprung backwards trying to gain his bearings. “Okay, hold up… I see this is getting out of hand. Brass Blades… it will be best if you withdraw, this fight is lost.” It took much of Ryoku’s restraint to not continue the fight– since once he draws blood, it is very hard for him to stop his assault.

Firkmann Lodestone FaceFirkmann Ralza: Firk groaned gently in pain from the Lalafell headbutt earlier as the action seemed to die down. Finally able to stand, he held his arm as soon as the spear got removed. “I’m fine with stopping this.” He tried to keep his legs from trembling as he stood. “Just give me a second…”

Jorun Lodestone FaceJorun Iwata: “Sombody get these damned cuffs offa me!”

Alric Lodestone FaceRenji Hyuuga: Renji raised an eyebrow. “Brass Blades?” A frown came across his face. “We’re stopping so soon? I know not of these Brass Blades, I simply saw a fight and attempted to join the outnumbered side. I misinterpreted the situation– hence the reason I attempted to slice your spear in half, Miqo’te.” Renji sheathed his blade. “What was this all about anyway?” He asked as he looked to the shouting Lalafell who was cuffed.

Firkmann Lodestone FaceFirkmann Ralza: Firk walked over to the complaining Lalafell, pulling out a set of keys. “Here, hold still,” he said as he grabbed the middle of the cuffs lifting, the little man with them and unlocking them at Firk’s eye level. He let the Lalafell drop as soon as the cuffs loosened.

Jorun Lodestone FaceJorun Iwata falls to the ground. “Gah! Th-thanks, I guess.”

Alric Lodestone FaceRenji Hyuuga continues to appear confused.

Ryoku Lodestone FaceRyoku Hellvalor put his own spear back onto his back while picking up his knife off the ground. “We’ll they seem to be after this Lalafell… Come to think of it… where did little guy get off to?” He shifted his attention to the samurai. “Thanks for the help back there. We were simply trying to keep someone they were after from being captured. It was obvious they could not defend themselves in the situation.”

Jorun Lodestone FaceJorun Iwata: “Firk was your name, yes? Won’t your fellow Blades punish you for this?”

Ryoku Lodestone FaceRyoku Hellvalor reached into his bag, grabbing an X potion and approaching Firk with it, offering it out to him. “If you find yourself in a position where you need some protection, we might offer some…” Opening one eye towards him with a smirk “For the right price.”

Firkmann Lodestone FaceFirkmann Ralza: Firkmann was not paying attention to the red-haired one, but he did from then on. “Give me a moment!” he shouted as he walked off towards the Goblet. He soon returned with the squirming blue-clothed Lalafell under his big, brutish arm. “I suppose they would be a little upset. But,” He paused as he looked away, dropping the blonde child nonchalantly at Firk’s feet. “This little lad gave me a re-think, methinks.”

Orphaniel Lodestone FaceOrphaniel Bunansa hides his face in his hands.

Jorun Lodestone FaceJorun Iwata: “The little ones safe? Firk, whats going on?”

Firkmann Lodestone FaceFirkmann Ralza: “I didn’t want to miss out on a fight so I put him in a tree.” Firk scratches his head.

Orphaniel Lodestone FaceOrphaniel Bunansa rises to his feet, looking about the strangers with an anxious look and studying their faces.
Orphaniel Bunansa: Bruises are visible on the tiny Lalafell’s face and limbs, though they don’t appear new.

Alric Lodestone FaceRenji Hyuuga Renji sheathed his blade and looked between the three. “I attempted only to join in a skirmish. I love to fight, and I fight for fun– which may seem to be against samurai way.” Renji chuckled. “But I assure you I meant not to harm anyone, only to sharpen my skills to be as sharp as my blade. However, I failed.”

Ryoku Lodestone FaceRyoku Hellvalor approched the samurai, asking him his name before wondering what he was doing out here. But he quickly was answered. “Still helped. I’m not sure how that would have went if you didn’t mix things up with that entrance,” he said with a light pat on his shoulder followed by a smirk.

Orphaniel Lodestone FaceOrphaniel Bunansa remains silent.

Jorun Lodestone FaceJorun Iwata: “What did you and your Brass Blade buddies to this kid? Why did you hide him and not just punt and cuff him like me?!”
Jorun Iwata questions Firkmann Ralza.

Firkmann Lodestone FaceFirkmann Ralza: “I suppose that makes two of us. I was supposed to bring him to Lord Atoya to collect my pay. Then I accidently dropped him and he escaped. I gave chase and you know the rest.” Firk said still scratching, “If I don’t do it, I am fired. Or quit– not sure which…” he said trailing off.

Ryoku Lodestone FaceRyoku Hellvalor: Feeling as though he was being watched some, he took a look around– only to find his buddy from his old mercenary group. “Yo, what giiiives!”
Ryoku Hellvalor waves to Y’tahka Tia.

Orphaniel Lodestone FaceOrphaniel Bunansa slowly backs away from Firkmann, seeming to hope he doesn’t notice.

Jorun Lodestone FaceJorun Iwata nods to Orphaniel Bunansa.

Y_tahka Lodestone FaceY’tahka Tia nodded to Ryoku, watching the scene play out. If he had to, he would step forward and intervene. But for now, he was content to watch.

Jorun Lodestone FaceJorun Iwata: “Well, I dont think we’re gonna just let you kidnap an innocent child.”

Alric Lodestone FaceRenji Hyuuga performs an eastern greeting towards Ryoku Hellvalor.

Ryoku Lodestone FaceRyoku Hellvalor bumps fists with Renji Hyuuga.

Alric Lodestone FaceRenji Hyuuga: “The name is Renji Hyuuga. I’m a wandering samurai on my way to Horizon. I heard the skirmish as I passed and simply just wished to join the tussle. I’m glad it appears everything seems sorted.” He turned his attention to the bruised child Lalafell. “Are you okay little one?”
Renji Hyuuga gently pats Orphaniel Bunansa.

Ryoku Lodestone FaceRyoku Hellvalor wondered to himself before speaking up. “Wandering samurai, huh? …Are you actually highly-trained with the sword?”

Orphaniel Lodestone FaceOrphaniel Bunansa winces at the touch, but nods slowly. He looks between the group again, seeming to want to speak but unsure of whether he should.

Alric Lodestone FaceRenji Hyuuga nods to Ryoku Hellvalor.

Firkmann Lodestone FaceFirkmann Ralza: “I have resolved to not be a Brass Blade anymore. But I’m sure Lord Atoya wouldn’t be too happy. The commander was already cross with me for stabbing his arse when cleaning the storeroom last week.” Firk realised he spoke that last part out loud. He covered his mouth.

Alric Lodestone FaceRenji Hyuuga “Indeed. I’ve gone through many trials with my sensei who has recently passed, and I was actually searching the nearby villages for a student, to pass on the ways of my mentor.” Renji raised an eyebrow to Firkmann. “If not a Brass Blade (although i’m unsure of who they are), what do you wish to do now that you’ve freed yourself of thine bonds?”

Orphaniel Lodestone FaceOrphaniel Bunansa looks around.

Jorun Lodestone FaceJorun Iwata: “Hmmm… Well then, it’s best you don’t return to your superior. That probably wouldn’t go very well for you, especially without the boy.”

Ryoku Lodestone FaceRyoku Hellvalor was almost oblivious to the current state of affairs. He was looking for someone talented with the blade. “I actually am looking for a mentor of the blade… My sword is at…” He remembered that he left it at Kitah’s house. “Well… nevermind where it is. I am eager to learn if you take on any pupils right now.”

Jorun Lodestone FaceJorun Iwata: “We have no more quarrels with you. You’re free to do as you please.”

Orphaniel Lodestone FaceOrphaniel Bunansa begins to walk off slowly, hoping nobody sees him.

Ryoku Lodestone FaceRyoku Hellvalor: Catching the tail-end of what was being said, he spoke up quickly. “Wait! Sir… We could use muscle like that… You think we should ask him?”

Alric Lodestone FaceRenji Hyuuga gazes upon Ryoku Hellvalor in deep reflection.

Firkmann Lodestone FaceFirkmann Ralza flexes his muscles for Renji Hyuuga.

Jorun Lodestone FaceJorun Iwata: “Hey, hey, hey! Hold it right there, young man. No kid your age is gonna live out here alone!”
Jorun Iwata glares at Orphaniel Bunansa.

Orphaniel Lodestone FaceOrphaniel Bunansa shows his concern to Jorun Iwata.
Orphaniel Bunansa bids farewell to Jorun Iwata.

Alric Lodestone FaceRenji Hyuuga: “You’ll have to go through trials and tribulation to become one with the blade, If you feel you’re prepared, I am willing to train you in the way of the samurai. However, I believe someone should take that child under their wing as well. The lifestyle I lead is not condusive to that of a child.”

Orphaniel Lodestone FaceOrphaniel Bunansa continues walking.

Jorun Lodestone FaceJorun Iwata: “Where are you gonna go?!”
Jorun Iwata: “It’s not safe out here.”

Orphaniel Lodestone FaceOrphaniel Bunansa speaks up and whispers, a quiet but high-pitched voice escaping from him. “It’s not safe /here/.”
Orphaniel Bunansa disagrees with Jorun Iwata.

Ryoku Lodestone FaceRyoku Hellvalor ‘s eyes went wide. “ME kid? Oh no, not me please… I’m not ready for any kids.” He takes several steps back, being completely serious.

Jorun Lodestone FaceJorun Iwata: “We wont hurt you. Those men WILL come looking for you again, i dont think you’ll be able to get away next time.”

Orphaniel Lodestone FaceOrphaniel Bunansa gazes upon Jorun Iwata in deep reflection.
Orphaniel Bunansa looks in Firkmann’s direction.

Alric Lodestone FaceRenji Hyuuga looks at Firkmann. “The Lalafell brings up a valid point. It is unsafe in the wild on your own. Mayhap you should undergo some training of your own. There are many guilds throughout Eorzea that would take you in and train you in their ways. Mayhap that would be the best. You could become strong and take the child into your protection.”

Firkmann Lodestone FaceFirkmann Ralza: “To be honest, I never thought about it. I became one of them [the Brass Blades] to get a ton of gil, and to beat up blokes evere now and again.” He reflects on it a moment. “I can’t leave the little one alone, especially since he doesn’t have anywhere to–” He looks around, remembering he had the child by his side. But the blonde boy was no longer there. “Wh-what? How did I lose him again!” He looked over towards the child and Jorun. “There you are!” He rushes towards them.

Orphaniel Lodestone FaceOrphaniel Bunansa looks at Firkmann Ralza and panics!
Orphaniel Bunansa runs away from Firkmann, off towards the rocks.

Jorun Lodestone FaceJorun Iwata: “There’s three of us and one of him. I dont think he has a chance!”

Y_tahka Lodestone FaceY’tahka Tia saw the large male rush towards the child and he stepped forward, drawing his sword.

Ryoku Lodestone FaceRyoku Hellvalor laughed some at Firkmann. “I’ll be honest– I joined up for the money and the ladies!”
Ryoku Hellvalor agrees wholeheartedly with Firkmann Ralza.

Alric Lodestone FaceRenji Hyuuga shows Ryoku Hellvalor his utter disappointment.

Jorun Lodestone FaceJorun Iwata looks at Firk and realizes the kid’s gone.

Alric Lodestone FaceRenji Hyuuga: “It appears i’ll have a lot of work ahead of me.”

Ryoku Lodestone FaceRyoku Hellvalor: “Whaaaa? With me?”

Jorun Lodestone FaceJorun Iwata: “Make that four of us. You aren’t getting the kid, Firk.”
Jorun Iwata sees his blade in the bush and retreives it.

Firkmann Lodestone FaceFirkmann Ralza: “No, don’t run, I’m not gonna-!” He then noticed his fear. “Sorry…” He then noticed the one with the sword. “I’m not going to hurt him. I have a spear wound and aching man-jewels. What threat am I?”

Y_tahka Lodestone FaceY’tahka Tia didn’t change his facial expression, dead serious as he stared at the Roe. “When a wolf is cornered, does it give up, or does it die trying to escape?” He retorted. “There have been warriors who have gotten stronger– fueled off of the pain and injuries they sustained through magical means.”

Orphaniel Lodestone FaceOrphaniel Bunansa: Hearing Firkmann’s words and seeing that he has turned around, Orphaniel slowly returns to the group.

Jorun Lodestone FaceJorun Iwata places his blade on his back once he sees that Firk is no longer a threat.

Firkmann Lodestone FaceFirkmann Ralza: Firk keeps his sword sheathed, “I don’t mean him any harm,” he said as he held up his hands. “I merely want to make sure he is safe.”

Orphaniel Lodestone FaceOrphaniel Bunansa walks up to Jorun slowly. “We have to leave. They’re going to catch me again if we don’t. I don’ care where we go.”
Orphaniel Bunansa performs an Eastern greeting for Jorun Iwata.

Firkmann Lodestone FaceFirkmann Ralza: “He is right. If I don’t return, they might send a search party,” Firk said, backing up the blonde child’s words.

Orphaniel Lodestone FaceOrphaniel Bunansa looks up at Firkman and says in a tiny, quiet voice. “We have to get out of Thanalan…”

Ryoku Lodestone FaceRyoku Hellvalor: “I suppose I’ll get back to those cactuars.”
Ryoku Hellvalor sighed some to himself, returning to the boredom of the mission they were on.

Orphaniel Lodestone FaceOrphaniel Bunansa watches the others leave.

Jorun Lodestone FaceJorun Iwata looks at Ryoku “Get whatever cactuar needles you can scrounge up. I need to get the kid somewhere safe. I guess Firk has to come along too. Meet us back at the Immortal Free Company estate.”
[Jorun sneaks Orphaniel aboard the airship and they go to the estate in Shirogane.]