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Hi. My name is Charles Mabe. This is my pretentious (?) blog, project dump, and activity dump. I don’t expect traffic, but I feel like a lot of the stuff I do is worth preserving.

Some of the stuff I write or do may sound a little morbid or self-pitying. It is. Am I an orphan? Well, technically. But I won’t go into details. What matters is that the theming of child abuse and abandonment are strong with my writing and work, and that is how I cope with the after-effects of those things. I’m a touch obsessive, but I do still have a life and hobbies outside of such things.

I always like making new friends or learning from new people; so if you want to chat sometime (or you are someone from my past looking for me), feel free to contact me so we can chat on Facebook, Skype, Discord, or maybe even in Final Fantasy XIV. Thanks.