BoxOrphan’s Fiction Database: Blue Oliver


This information is fictional and used in writing and RP. Feel free to use this idea in your work, but please point back to me for where you got the idea! ^^

A Blue Oliver is a species and a type of “twist”, which is a parentless, genetically-engineered hybrid creature mixed from three or more animals from various families in the same class (for example, a mouse, a rabbit, and a fox are all mammals from different families). All twists are created “by hand” in a lab, are experimental, and have not reproduced or been bred. There is probably only one of each twist. Most twists are named with an adjective and then “Oliver”, referring to Oliver Twist. After a twist is created, further work is often done in order to give it various special traits, often compared to super powers.

A Blue Oliver is a mix between a rabbit, a fox, and a ferret. The only one known to exist was created to test mixing two sets of previously-shown-successful traits that can potentially be at odds with each other. Half of this Blue Oliver consists of the traits of a perfect, unaging toddler child fit for selling to would-be-parents for a high price (or selling for other sinister options, though I keep my works from explicitly stating such. I just mention it because I am BoxOrphan, and I write about healing from abuse, abandonment, and existentialism). The other half of him consists of traits of a supersoldier genius agent, as he has super intelligence, combat adaptation, strength, and leaping, as well as the inability to be permanently harmed from impacts and pierces.

This Blue Oliver’s genius mixed with his childishness and curiosity made him highly eccentric. While he is very sincere and sweet, he is intellectually-energetic and it was hard to keep him focused and loyal. Of course, this only made him so much more adorable; but the facility saw him as useless and possibly more dangerous to their secret-keeping. If he were more reserved, focused, and loyal, that would have been different. He would have been at least capable of hiding in plain sight during espionage…

This Blue Oliver is sensitive to noise and appears to have autistic traits. He wears a set of noise-dampening earmuffs with a puzzle piece symbol (the traditional symbol for autism, just to give it away visually) on the ears.

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