FFXIV RP Transcript | “Xavier & Evie Introduction: Clearing Ants & Bad Babysitting” | 2017-12-29

Date: 2017-12-29
Central Thanalan, Camp Lost Hope

Players: Ryoku Hellvalor, Alric Cantrell (previously known as Renji Hyuuga), Kitah Lunaris, Evie Meliel, Orphaniel Bunansa, Xavier Ruairidh

Disclaimer: No NPCs were harmed in the making of this RP.

Ryoku Lodestone FaceRyoku Hellvalor wiped the sweat off his brow before jumping down off the rock to kill some more Ants. “If you guys wanna chime in to help out feel free at any time. We will probably be doing this for another couple hours.”

(Alric Cantrell) This is bloods territory boy, what you doin’ here? Why you wearin’ blue? You want some die? >:C

Kitah Lodestone FaceKitah Lunaris chuckled at Ryoku’s words, “You guys are doing fine. I mean, you know I would help, but I was told to watch this one, here.” She said as she motioned to Orph

Alric Lodestone FaceAlric Cantrell watches Ryoku slay insects for a while in deep reflection, “It seems like you’re doing a good job of it captain!” Alric lifts a small flask to his lips and takes a small sip of iced tea whilst remaining on his rock.

evie-lodestone-faceEvie Meliel scoffs as she looks toward the giant ass ants and shakes her head. “This isn’t what I signed up for…” she mutters in a low tone. Since when does a book-keeper get their hands dirty!? She sighs softly and nods. “I /suppose/ I could help out by supervising? Maybe I might poke one of the dead ants with a stick.” She sits down and slides off of the rock and heads toward the swarm of massive insects.

(Orphaniel Bunansa) Make Ryoku do all the work while you sit in the sun and sip tea. Yessss.

Kitah Lodestone FaceKitah Lunaris shook her head at the group, they really were a motley crew, weren’t they? She looked at Orph with a raised eyebrow,and silently handed over some tea without comment.

Orphaniel Lodestone FaceOrphaniel Bunansa looks at Kitah. “Why are they killing the ants?” he peeps.

Kitah Lodestone FaceKitah Lunaris hummed, “Well, we were paid to. The ants are causing a problem for the workers around here, and none of them are trained or equipped to deal with them. So they called us.” She explained with a slight shrug, “Drink up, don’t wanna overheat out here.”

Ryoku Lodestone FaceRyoku Hellvalor returns panting, covered in sweat. “They seem to be pushed back to the river at least. I regret not bringing my spear.” Sighing lightly to himself.

Orphaniel Lodestone FaceOrphaniel Bunansa takes the cup of tea in both hands and looks down at it.
Orphaniel Bunansa takes a sip.

Ryoku Lodestone FaceRyoku Hellvalor catches a glimpse of someone running behind his team in the encampment. “Uhhh guys?”

Orphaniel Lodestone FaceOrphaniel Bunansa shows his concern to Ryoku Hellvalor.

xavier-lodestone-faceXavier Ruairidh smirks, sneaking behind the people as they suddenly seemed distracted by the man who had approached. Reaching up onto the rock an taking a mug someone left sitting and quietly slipping away.

Kitah Lodestone FaceKitah Lunaris caught the tone of Ryoku’s voice instantly and her relaxed stance changed to alert, “What is-” She cut herself off at the soft sound of metal on stone, and turned her head slightly.

Alric Lodestone FaceAlric Cantrell sneezes, “Darned cats.”

xavier-lodestone-faceXavier Ruairidh kneeling down and sipping from the mug, watching the people on the rock.

Ryoku Lodestone FaceRyoku Hellvalor walking over to the sound that was made, examining the cup. He looked at the others by the fire. “Either of you see who did this?”
Ryoku Hellvalor chats with Blayves.

evie-lodestone-faceEvie Meliel had only made it half way to the ants before shaking her head and turning around. “So much nope right there..” As she approaches the rock, she climbs back up onto it and sits down.

Ryoku Lodestone FaceRyoku Hellvalor looked towards Alric. “Did you have to tell spooky stories tonight?”

(Orphaniel Bunansa) And then Orph gets carried away by ants.

xavier-lodestone-faceXavier Ruairidh grins to himself, shaking his head, a hand patting on the rock for anything he could reach while they were distracted in the other direction now.

Alric Lodestone FaceAlric Cantrell questions Thursday Rye.
Alric Cantrell: Did you steal our provisions!? YOU THIEF! GUARDS!

evie-lodestone-faceEvie Meliel: You will die!
Evie Meliel: IMPOSTER!
Evie Meliel slaps Thursday Rye.

Kitah Lodestone FaceKitah Lunaris huffed, “Hush, use your da-nged ears.” She hissed, not liking that she had to curb her language around the child, as her ears twitched as she tried to focus on the sounds around them.

Orphaniel Lodestone FaceOrphaniel Bunansa scans the area around Kitah Lunaris.

Alric Lodestone FaceAlric Cantrell looks around.
Alric Cantrell questions Blayves.
Alric Cantrell disagrees with Blayves.

xavier-lodestone-faceXavier Ruairidh rolls his eyes at everyone else’s actions, stuffing what he could into his pockets.

evie-lodestone-faceEvie Meliel: You better run!
Evie Meliel flexes her muscles for Thursday Rye.
Evie Meliel gently pats Orphaniel Bunansa.

Alric Lodestone FaceAlric Cantrell nods to Blayves.
Alric Cantrell disagrees with Blayves.
Alric Cantrell questions Blayves.

Orphaniel Lodestone FaceOrphaniel Bunansa shows his concern to Evie Meliel.
Orphaniel Bunansa sees Evie Meliel and blushes with embarrassment.

evie-lodestone-faceEvie Meliel: Who’s kid is this?

Orphaniel Lodestone FaceOrphaniel Bunansa: Upon hearing Evie, Orphaniel looks back at Kitah.
Orphaniel Bunansa: Orphaniel has never seen Evie Meliel before.


Ryoku Lodestone FaceRyoku Hellvalor hands over something to Blayves.

Alric Lodestone FaceAlric Cantrell shows Blayves his utter disappointment.
Alric Cantrell questions Ryoku Hellvalor.

Ryoku Lodestone FaceRyoku Hellvalor shrugs at Alric Cantrell.

Alric Lodestone FaceAlric Cantrell disagrees with Ryoku Hellvalor.

Alric Lodestone FaceAlric Cantrell hurls something at Xavier Ruairidh.

xavier-lodestone-faceXavier Ruairidh ponders to himself who these people were. They looked like they might be geared for combat… or hunting. But apparently they had zero sense of their surroundings. This was almost a little too easy.

(Orphaniel Bunansa) We’re a ragtag band of morons. \o/

Ryoku Lodestone FaceRyoku Hellvalor catches a glimpse of white hair like his own. Standing out even in the night
Ryoku Hellvalor looks at Xavier Ruairidh in surprise.

(Alric Cantrell) Guhhhhhh, where’d he go boss?
(Orphaniel Bunansa) xD
(Xavier Ruairidh) which way did he go George? Which way did he gooooo?

Ryoku Lodestone FaceRyoku Hellvalor charges over to where he spotted the imposter wondering what he was doing

Kitah Lodestone FaceKitah Lunaris followed the sounds that she was just barely able to pick up, then catches Ryoku’s look of surprise, “Evie watch Orphaniel for me, Orph, sweetie, you’ll be safe with her, okay? I’m going to go help Ryoku.”

Alric Lodestone FaceAlric Cantrell watches Ryoku from a distance after realizing that the intruder (Not imposter) had been spotted, he readied himself for combat if need be.

Orphaniel Lodestone FaceOrphaniel Bunansa shows his concern to Kitah Lunaris.
Orphaniel Bunansa looks back at Evie.

xavier-lodestone-faceXavier Ruairidh he hopped back from the sudden charge, dashing backwards and cursing.


Ryoku Lodestone FaceRyoku Hellvalor kept his knives drawn in high alert. “What are you doing here? Hey! wait theres more ants over there!”

evie-lodestone-faceEvie Meliel glances up from Orphaniel as she catches sight of Ryoku running by. Then the sounds of Kitah telling her to babysit!? WHAT THE ACTUAL ????! Now a babysitter. “I don’t get paid enough for this shit.” she mutters as she looks down at the kid. “Who are you?”

(Xavier Ruairidh) “Hey! who are… squirrel!”
(Orphaniel Bunansa) “What are you doing here– Ooooh shiny!”

Orphaniel Lodestone FaceOrphaniel Bunansa looks at Evie Meliel and panics!

evie-lodestone-faceEvie Meliel disagrees with Orphaniel Bunansa.
Evie Meliel: Why don’t you go over there and play in the dirt or something, kid?
Evie Meliel is a terrible babysitter, that is for sure.

Ryoku Lodestone FaceRyoku Hellvalor jumped into the ants to keep them from entering the camp

xavier-lodestone-faceXavier Ruairidh blinks at the sudden lack of focus on the man and backs away to a rock.

Ryoku Lodestone FaceRyoku Hellvalor looked back at the intruder of their camp for a moment. “You almost ran right into these things…. you might have been in a bit of trouble.”

Kitah Lodestone FaceKitah Lunaris could not believe that Ryoku and the others were focusing on ants, rather than the man that had not been here earlier, and clearly did not belong in the camp, based on lack of clothing alone. She slowly crept closer to the dark-skinned Miqo’te, “Who are you.”

xavier-lodestone-faceXavier Ruairidh crouches down, glaring at the people suddenly in front of him, grinning and baring his fangs. “Who needs to know?”

Orphaniel Lodestone FaceOrphaniel Bunansa: “M-my name is ‘Orphaniel’,” Orphaniel stammers to Evie.
Orphaniel performs an Eastern greeting for Evie Meliel.

Alric Lodestone FaceAlric Cantrell quite unsure of what he was supposed to be doing Alric turned his attention to the ones closest to him which happened to be Orphaniel and Evie.

Kitah Lodestone FaceKitah Lunaris bared her own fangs, showing the male that she too was a Keeper of the Moon, “It’s not polite to ask a Lady her name after she’s already asked yours.” She said, voice feigning politeness, but her bared fangs promised retaliation if she was not satisfied.

evie-lodestone-faceEvie Meliel kneels down and pokes Orphaniel’s cheek, then his nose. “I’ll just call you, Orphan.” She says with a nod as she rises up, towering the small boy. “You should uh.. Build a sandcastle or something. You know, while the grown ups do grown up things.”

(Alric Cantrell) I’d do grownup things ;x
(Evie Meliel) Lol >.<

Ryoku Lodestone FaceRyoku Hellvalor came up behind the other white white haired Miqo. “There’s no getting away, it might be best to make this easy on yourself.” Taking a ready stance

Orphaniel Lodestone FaceOrphaniel Bunansa shows his concern to Evie Meliel.

xavier-lodestone-faceXavier Ruairidh chuckles, raising a brow at the woman. “Yet you ask while baring weapons… and they say I’m uncivilized.” glancing at the man behind him now.

Alric Lodestone FaceAlric Cantrell something hit Alric as he stood there watching Evie and Orphaniel interact, after Evie told him to go build a sandcastle or something Alric interjected. “Evie, what are you doing all the way out here anyway? Aren’t you supposed to be in the ki– I mean office?” Alric snickered.

(Alric Cantrell) I’m dead
(Alric Cantrell) Rest in Pepperoni Alric ;o;

Kitah Lodestone FaceKitah Lunaris smirked slightly, “Well, it’s only natural to be prepared, I mean, you were sneaking around, what’s a girl to think other than underhanded and dastardly things?” She said with a raised eyebrow, “And I never called you uncivilized, I merely said it was impolite to answer a question with a question. If I wanted you dead, I would have already made an attempt at your life by now.” She pointed out.

evie-lodestone-faceEvie Meliel narrows her eyes as she glares at Alric. “You’re lucky I have to babysit right now.” She glances down at the small boy before her, then back to Alric. “I will be certain to deal with you later though. Don’t you worry your precious little head on that….” She hisses.

Orphaniel Lodestone FaceOrphaniel Bunansa plays with his hair a bit awkwardly as he is given the instruction to build a sandcastle. He stands there staring at Evie, unsure of what to do.

xavier-lodestone-faceXavier Ruairidh stands up straighter, looking around, seeing he was surrounded and shrugs “You had extra food just lying around. Was a shame to let it go to waste.”

evie-lodestone-faceEvie Meliel stares down at Orphaniel with a blank expression on her face. “What!?”

Orphaniel Lodestone FaceOrphaniel Bunansa shows a bit of fear on his face and backs up. He looks around, trying to find sand on the ground suitable for building a sandcastle with…

Ryoku Lodestone FaceRyoku Hellvalor thought to himself for a moment, how it was when he was first discovered from after his tribe was taken out. He had a bit of a thieving spree himself. “So… you’re just after some food? Well hell, all you had to do was ask. Perhaps all of us might not have given who you asked..” Crossing his arms instead, lowing his guard just slightly

Alric Lodestone FaceAlric Cantrell chuckles. “I’m not scared, I’m never scared!” he then looked at Orphaniel. if you would like. I could create some water for you to build a sandcastle with. You’ll have to wait for the ice to thaw… but it’d be water.

Orphaniel Lodestone FaceOrphaniel Bunansa looks up at Alric in a bit of confusion, but then he nods slowly.
Orphaniel Bunansa: It is very clear that Orphaniel does not know what to take seriously.

evie-lodestone-faceEvie Meliel watches as the kid wanders around. “Come back over here!” she -barks-, demanding the child? return to her side. “Instead of building castles with sand you clearly can not build with… Why not just roll around in the dirt and give Kitah something else to do later when she’s done over there..” She smiles as kindly as possible, offering a nod. “Sounds fun, yes?”

Kitah Lodestone FaceKitah Lunaris was reluctant to be so generous, often times her mind would travel back to her own time after the Calamity, when she had had to rely on her wits and skills to survive. And being lenient and kind to strangers stealing was not a good way to survive. But she would let Ryoku take the lead.

Alric Lodestone FaceAlric Cantrell clears his throat. “Stand back little one. This is going to be slightly dangerous.” Alric closed his eyes and chanted softly under his breath before releasing a burst of ice magicks.

Orphaniel Lodestone FaceOrphaniel Bunansa shows his concern to Evie Meliel.
Orphaniel Bunansa hides his face in his hands.
Orphaniel weeps in sorrow before Evie Meliel.

evie-lodestone-faceEvie Meliel: Now look what you did, moron!

xavier-lodestone-faceXavier Ruairidh snorts loudly “”Yes… because asking always works out so well. Everyone in this world is so kind and giving.” Sarcasm dripping from his words.

Alric Lodestone FaceAlric Cantrell: YOU WHAT!?
Alric Cantrell questions Evie Meliel.

evie-lodestone-faceEvie Meliel glares at Alric. “Go with the others. You’re doing nothing more than making my -job- with the orphan harder!”

Alric Lodestone FaceAlric Cantrell laughs at Evie Meliel.

evie-lodestone-faceEvie Meliel is annoyed with Alric Cantrell.

Orphaniel Lodestone FaceOrphaniel Bunansa sobs, clearly confused about the instructions given to him and seemly afraid of repercussion.

Alric Lodestone FaceAlric Cantrell “I’m a bit useless outside of combat anyway, so have at it.” Alric turns his attention back to the group by the rock.

(Orphaniel Bunansa) Orph wasn’t crying because of Alric, but because of Evie.
(Evie Meliel) Evie is blaming anyone but herself lol
(Kitah Lunaris) Lol

evie-lodestone-faceEvie Meliel mutters under her breath as she turns to Orphaniel. “No crying… SHHHHHHH!” She kneels down and taps the ground with her index finger. “Sit here and maybe draw in the dirt or something.”

Kitah Lodestone FaceKitah Lunaris heard what was said, as she split her attention between the group behind her and the two in front of her. She heard Orphaniel crying and honestly wanted to kill everyone around her, at the moment. She hissed under her breath and shook her head, “You two got him? Clearly I’m needed elsewhere.” She said as she glanced over at Orphaniel again, taking a step back, still facing the stranger.

Ryoku Lodestone FaceRyoku Hellvalor sighed some to himself before conceding to his point. “Yea I know … how that is. Nobody being generous at all. Tell you what, Feel free to share with our food and stay the night if you wish. But I’ll ask one thing…” He had a bit of a curious smirk on his face. “Happen to be proficient in any type of combat?”

Orphaniel Lodestone FaceOrphaniel Bunansa wanders towards Kitah and away from Evie. It is obvious whom he would rather be around. He looks up at Kitah, and seeing her watch the others, he too watches and listens to them.

xavier-lodestone-faceXavier Ruairidh raises an eyebrow curiously at the man, contemplating the offer a moment. “Got a bow?”

Kitah Lodestone FaceKitah Lunaris hissed, “I swear, ask his name, Ryoku.” She grumbled under her breath before she put her daggers away and turned to Orphaniel, “Hey, hey now, no need to cry, I’m sorry I left, but I had to make sure things were safe for you.” She soothed, voice taking on a far more kind tone than before.

evie-lodestone-faceEvie Meliel rises to her feet once more and folds her arms across her chest loosely. “Huh… ” Watching as the kid moves away, she glances at Kitah. “You know… You should tend to Alric, he scared that thing enough to make it cry.”

(Orphaniel Bunansa) Evie is bad with kids. \o/
(Evie Meliel) HORRIBLE
(Kitah Lunaris) LOL, omg
(Xavier Ruairidh) that thing?
(Kitah Lunaris) Kitah is just like, “I… what? -_-”
(Evie Meliel) lol

Orphaniel Lodestone FaceOrphaniel Bunansa is annoyed with Evie Meliel.

Ryoku Lodestone FaceRyoku Hellvalor heard his asking for a bow, he walked over to the guards they had at the fire and borrowed their bow, Walking back he had nearly handed it to this man before he gave Alric a nod, almost asking him to be ready just in case. “Feel like giving us a show on some of those bugs over there?”
Ryoku Hellvalor hands over something to Xavier Ruairidh.

Kitah Lodestone FaceKitah Lunaris stared at Evie blankly for a moment, before making a mental note to never leave a child in her care, ever again, “I’ll… do that.” She said after a moment.

Alric Lodestone FaceAlric Cantrell “A marksman eh?” Alric examined the Miqo’te “Well, if you intend on becoming a member of the Blood manes, you’ll need to get some clothing as well. Cant have a half naked man running around in ragged clothing and sullying our imp– imp—” Alric chuckled “Who am I kidding we don’t have a name yet!”
Alric Cantrell bursts out laughing.

evie-lodestone-faceEvie Meliel offers a nod and a forced smile. “Good.. I could hardly stand to listen to it whine and shit. Almost made me want to hurl it at the ants to feast on.”

(Orphaniel Bunansa) Thanalan ant adoption party \o/
(Alric Cantrell) You will be assimilated.
(Orphaniel Bunansa) Resistance is futile.
(Alric Cantrell) ONE OF THEM
(Orphaniel Bunansa) xD
(Xavier Ruairidh) antsimilated?
(Alric Cantrell) Wait, you’ll become King from Hunter x Hunter, DO IT

xavier-lodestone-faceXavier Ruairidh takes the bow and tosses the quiver over his shoulder, eying both the men questionably and shrugs. What’s the harm in shooting a few insects? And now that they armed him, at least he had something to fight back with.

Ryoku Lodestone FaceRyoku Hellvalor eyes him suspiciously at his hesitation

Orphaniel Lodestone FaceOrphaniel Bunansa hides his face in his hands.

Kitah Lodestone FaceKitah Lunaris raised an eyebrow, “You must have been a delightful child. He’s a kid, not an animal that piddled on your favorite carpet.” She said, tone even, even as she began to pat Orphaniel’s back and shoulders soothingly.
Kitah Lunaris tries to comfort Orphaniel Bunansa.

xavier-lodestone-faceXavier Ruairidh tossing the bow over his shoulder now. “Satisfied?”

Orphaniel Lodestone FaceOrphaniel Bunansa twitches at being touched, but stands still. “I’m sorry…” Orphaniel says in a low, quiet voice to Kitah.
Orphaniel performs an Eastern greeting for Kitah Lunaris.

Kitah Lodestone FaceKitah Lunaris kept an eye and ear out on what the boys were doing, but she focused on Orphaniel, “Why are you sorry? You didn’t do anything wrong, it’s okay, no need to cry.” She caught the flinch, and kept her hands to herself at that point. She could read signs.

Ryoku Lodestone FaceRyoku Hellvalor nodded some to him. “How would you like to keep that bow and earn a living? I was in your shoes once, I just went about earning….. or not earning money the wrong way. You want better living conditions? I can put those skills to work.”

evie-lodestone-faceEvie Meliel rolls her eyes and shakes her head. “I was and still am quite -delightful-.” She states matter-of-factly. “Orphan had a wonderful time with me, I assure you.”

Orphaniel Lodestone FaceOrphaniel Bunansa turns away and watches the three men. He seemed to read into it as a responsibility.

xavier-lodestone-faceXavier Ruairidh narrows his eyes. His expression distrusting and unsure what to make of the man. “And you would hire me just like that? You know nothing of me nor I you.”

Alric Lodestone FaceAlric Cantrell “What better way?” Alric asked Xavier questioningly, “Shall you betray our trust, I’ll not hesitate to fell you where you stand, its honestly as simple as that.”

Kitah Lodestone FaceKitah Lunaris sighed, “Ryoku does that,” She called, “He adopts people. Like strays, often enough.” She was poking fun at Ryoku, but at the same time, was trying to get Orphaniel to relax or something, she hated it when kids didn’t act like kids, having to grow up too soon was a curse.

Ryoku Lodestone FaceRyoku Hellvalor smiles some at him and introduced himself. “Hey I’m Ryoku, I just kill things for a living. I guess when you look at it like that, its not so much better then stealing. But hey, my conscious is clear.”

Alric Lodestone FaceAlric Cantrell gazes upon Ryoku Hellvalor in deep reflection.

Orphaniel Lodestone FaceOrphaniel Bunansa looks Kitah’s way, acknowledging her words. He returns to watching the others.

xavier-lodestone-faceXavier Ruairidh turns his head to the man with glasses. “And what if you betray my trust? Shall I offer the same and just plant an arrow between those eyes?” Looking back and Ryoku. “Well at least I know your name now…” pausing a moment. “Xavier.”

Ryoku Lodestone FaceRyoku Hellvalor thought to himself for a moment. “Xavier… Xav… Ahh! X!”

Alric Lodestone FaceAlric Cantrell narrowed his eyes as Xavier responded to him. “Think it luck that you’re standing now, instead of sneaking around looking for more food. Had Ryoku here not found you first…” Alric shook his head, “What’s done is done. Im assuming Ryoku is going to bring you in so I look forward to working with you.”

Kitah Lodestone FaceKitah Lunaris sighed once more and turned towards the males, “I’m Kitah, by the way.” She said, “And no one said you couldn’t try, should your trust be broken.” At Ryoku’s words, she sighed again, “I swear to the Twelve, Ryoku…” She grumbled as she pinched the bridge of her nose.

Ryoku Lodestone FaceRyoku Hellvalor hearing Kitah’s protest behind him he turned his head back, dropping his guard. “Whaaaat?”

evie-lodestone-faceEvie Meliel nods. “So this is Ryoku’s thing?” Tilting her head, she looks at Orphaniel. “Where do you find those things? I must have one!”

(Orphaniel Bunansa) Evie wants an Orphaned Lalafell Minion \o/
(Alric Cantrell) so she can go tell it to play with electrical sockets?! D:<
(Orphaniel Bunansa) Probably
(Kitah Lunaris) *Dies*

Alric Lodestone FaceAlric Cantrell slaps Ryoku Hellvalor.

evie-lodestone-faceEvie Meliel moves in closer to Orphaniel and knees down, again poking at his face. “Do they sell these things in Ul’dah?”

(Orphaniel Bunansa) As a matter of fact, they did. /cries

Alric Lodestone FaceAlric Cantrell slaps Ryoku Hellvalor.

xavier-lodestone-faceXavier Ruairidh sighs and shrugs his shoulders. Just what the hell was he suddenly getting himself into? “Just meeting me and already changing my name.” Shaking his head. “Whatever.”

Kitah Lodestone FaceKitah Lunaris shook her head, “Nothing. Nothing at all.” She told him with a slight smirk, “And while we’re recruiting him, it’s a bad habit to let your guard down.” She said.

Orphaniel Lodestone FaceOrphaniel Bunansa is annoyed with Evie Meliel.

evie-lodestone-faceEvie Meliel pokes Orphaniel Bunansa.

(Alric Cantrell) So Alric is a bit of a dick, but he means well… if you cant tell, he is super protective of the manes.

Orphaniel Lodestone FaceOrphaniel Bunansa squeals at being poked on his face and falls onto his butt.

Ryoku Lodestone FaceRyoku Hellvalor continues to look back at Kitah. “Huhh, What do you mean, he wouldn’t hurt me”

Kitah Lodestone FaceKitah Lunaris “Evie, please don’t poke the child. He will grow up one day.” She didn’t mention that he’d still probably be at her hip level at best, being a Lalafell, “And yes, human trafficking can be found in Ul’dah, but I would suggest against it, as it is a crime.”

Alric Lodestone FaceAlric Cantrell slaps Ryoku Hellvalor.

Ryoku Lodestone FaceRyoku Hellvalor looking back to Xavier. “Would ya buddy, I mean there is way more food where that came from… trust me”

(Orphaniel Bunansa) Alric: “You know what would be better? If Ryoku was wearing the chocobo costume. Evie would be literally choking the chicken.”

evie-lodestone-faceEvie Meliel peers up at Kitah. “You suggest I -don’t- buy one?” Lifting a brow, she glances at the boy. “So, what you’re saying is… You would rather leave a poor, helpless, little thing to the ones selling them to a possible savage beast than for someone like… Let’s say, ME! get one?”

xavier-lodestone-faceXavier Ruairidh punches Ryoku in the arm just because it was said he wouldn’t hurt him. “Fine… food for work. Fair enough…”

Kitah Lodestone FaceKitah Lunaris raised an eyebrow, “While he might not, being a mercenary and letting your guard down is the quickest way to die.” She pointed out, a sliver of genuine concern coloring her tone.

Orphaniel Lodestone FaceOrphaniel Bunansa looks at Kitah with an expression of disapproval at something she said.
Orphaniel Bunansa hides his face in his hands.

Kitah Lodestone FaceKitah Lunaris glanced at Evie, “Judging by the way you’re treating him, I’d say it’s be the choice between bad and more bad. But that kind of behaviour is frowned upon, and often taken care of by the Brass Blades.” She pointed out.

evie-lodestone-faceEvie Meliel shrugs. “I’ll take my chances.” She nods, as she rises to her feet again. “I want this one. I wonder how much I can get him for.”

Orphaniel Lodestone FaceOrphaniel Bunansa motions angrily at Evie Meliel.

Ryoku Lodestone FaceRyoku Hellvalor feeling the punch on his arm he smiled more and returned the closed fist hit to his own arm. “Thats the spirit. We’ll kill some more bugs in a little bit, we’re actually getting good pay for slaughtering these pests.” He walked over to the others by the child.

evie-lodestone-faceEvie Meliel smiles at Orphaniel Bunansa.

Kitah Lodestone FaceKitah Lunaris gave Evie a blank stare, “He’s not for sale.” She said, tone even, as she moved Orphaniel behind her slightly, “He’s under the Mane’s protection, as well as the Free Company’s protection.” She said calmly.

[The group of men walk up close to Orphaniel and Kitah, with Alric being closest to Orphaniel, looking down at him.]

Orphaniel Lodestone FaceOrphaniel Bunansa looks at Alric Cantrell and panics!

Alric Lodestone FaceAlric Cantrell looks at Orphaniel Bunansa in surprise.
Alric Cantrell plays dead for Orphaniel Bunansa.

Orphaniel Lodestone FaceOrphaniel Bunansa shows his concern to Alric Cantrell.

evie-lodestone-faceEvie Meliel laughs. “You’d be surprised what people will sell.. If the price is right.” Her laugh fades and nothing more than a smirk is left behind as she peers down at the boy.

Ryoku Lodestone FaceRyoku Hellvalor had a bit of a confused look before he let them know he was not too sure what was up with the child. “That is basically Jorun’s responsibility, and I suppose now Kitah’s helping with things too.”

Orphaniel Lodestone FaceOrphaniel Bunansa looks extremely angry with Evie and punches her as hard as he can in the stomach.
Random! You roll a 156.

(Evie Meliel) oh god poor little Lala >.<

xavier-lodestone-faceXavier Ruairidh walks up behind the others, looking at the group and eying the man pretending to be dead. He shrugs and walks past them, stepping on the man’s back as he walks.
Random! Xavier Ruairidh rolls a 379.

Kitah Lodestone FaceKitah Lunaris shrugged, “I like kids.” She said evenly, “And Jorun asked me to watch over him. I take such requests seriously.”

Ryoku Lodestone FaceRyoku Hellvalor gave a smirking glance at Kitah as she said. “Like kids huh, will remember that.” He paused on the thought for a moment before he looked over to Evie. “What about you, fond of children much?”

Random! Evie Meliel rolls a 340.
evie-lodestone-faceEvie Meliel -oofs- as the child swings and nails her in the stomach. Leaning forward, she lowers onto one knee and hisses at Orphaniel. Just out of reaction, she reaches out and grabs the kid by his ear and yanks him toward herself. “If you /ever/ do anything like that again, I’ll cut you from ear to ear.” she mutters with a low growl in her throat.

Orphaniel Lodestone FaceOrphaniel Bunansa looks at Evie Meliel and panics!
Orphaniel Bunansa squeals as he is yanked by the ear.

Ryoku Lodestone FaceRyoku Hellvalor nods at Evie at her exchange with Orphaniel… “I’ll take that as a no”

xavier-lodestone-faceXavier Ruairidh growls and spins around “Hey! Leave the kid alone!”

Kitah Lodestone FaceKitah Lunaris steps forward, “Hey now, you /did/ tell a child you wanted to buy him.” She pointed out, eyes narrowed, “Let him go.” She shot a glare to Ryoku as if to tell him to step in, or she would.

(Alric Cantrell) creates a vote to ban Evie from the kitchen.
(Xavier Ruairidh) and the orphanage
(Orphaniel Bunansa) Restraining order \o/

evie-lodestone-faceEvie Meliel shoves the kid away from herself and rises to her feet. “That I did.” She laughs softly. “I will still make an offer for him.”

Orphaniel Lodestone FaceOrphaniel Bunansa is pushed away and falls over, crying.

(Evie Meliel) Lol
(Evie Meliel) Evie isn’t /thaaaaaat/ bad

Alric Lodestone FaceAlric Cantrell pokes Evie Meliel.

Kitah Lodestone FaceKitah Lunaris swoops down and picks Orphaniel up, not caring at the moment that he didn’t like being touched, and just cradled the boy to her, gently shushing him and patting his hair, “Hey now, hey now, it’s okay.” She said as she bagan to sway slightly, rocking them both, just like she used to soothe her younger siblings all those years ago.

(Orphaniel Bunansa) Orphaniel doesn’t even.

Alric Lodestone FaceAlric Cantrell questions Ninihra Nihra.

evie-lodestone-faceEvie Meliel smirks, watching Kitah’s actions. “And this is why he’s such a cry baby. Being coddled entirely too much.”

Alric Lodestone FaceAlric Cantrell “He is but a child,” Alric glared at Evie. “In due time yes, he shouldn’t be coddled as much, but he IS an orphan, whom has never truly known a parents love. You must take that into consideration.”

Kitah Lodestone FaceKitah Lunaris didn’t even bother to say anything to the other female, Kitah recognized the signs of trauma in someone, she’d seen them in herself enough to know. And Orph was still a child, and should have been treated as such, not like an object to be bought and sold, or treated like meat at auction.

evie-lodestone-faceEvie Meliel rolls her eyes at Alric. “Still yet… He will end up just like you. A pansy.” Evie’s just a bitch.

xavier-lodestone-faceXavier Ruairidh walks up to Kitah and reaches in his pocket, pulling out a wrapped sweet he had… acquired… some days ago and holding it out to her and Orphaniel. He didn’t say anything but giving her a small shrug and a softer look than he had been.

Alric Lodestone FaceAlric Cantrell slaps Evie Meliel.

Ryoku Lodestone FaceRyoku Hellvalor wonders how Evie would do had the child been her own. Shrugging some to himself he drew his daggers and returned to the bugs. “These things wont kill themselves.” Giving a smirk towards the ladies which could easily be taken towards the entire group given where everyone was standing

Kitah Lodestone FaceKitah Lunaris blinked in confusion, but offered him a slight smile. Honestly, anyone who was nice to kids couldn’t be all that bad, though she would reserve true judgment until she actually knew a little about the male, “Thank you.” She said simply.

Alric Lodestone FaceAlric Cantrell bursts out laughing.

evie-lodestone-faceEvie Meliel glances around the camp. “So.. I suppose I’m finished babysitting?”

xavier-lodestone-faceXavier Ruairidh nods a welcome at her and looking at him, giving the kid a thumbs up and a toothy grin.

Kitah Lodestone FaceKitah Lunaris smiled slightly, “Permanently, Evie.” She said with a shake of her head.

evie-lodestone-faceEvie Meliel smiles brightly at Kitah. “You sure? I’m available to babysit any time you need!”

xavier-lodestone-faceXavier Ruairidh smirks, thinking the ants around here might make better babysitters.

Orphaniel Lodestone FaceOrphaniel Bunansa receives the treat from Xavier and just looks at it for the moment.

Kitah Lodestone FaceKitah Lunaris looked at Orphaniel, “Have you had candy before?” She asked, genuinely curious, “It’s sweet.”

Orphaniel Lodestone FaceOrphaniel Bunansa nods to Kitah. “Of course!” he peeps.

Kitah Lodestone FaceKitah Lunaris chuckled slightly, “Sorry, honestly haven’t been told much, other than to watch you, so I didn’t know.”

Alric Lodestone FaceAlric Cantrell grumbles. “These damned insects.”

evie-lodestone-faceEvie Meliel slowly moves toward Orphaniel and leans forward. Glancing up at Kitah, she returns her gaze to the kid. “Candy is good, yes?” She whispers while reaching out and snatching the candy.

xavier-lodestone-faceXavier Ruairidh mutters quietly “And people wonder why I have trust issues.”

(Orphaniel Bunansa) Evie just stole candy from a baby.
(Evie Meliel) Evie is a bitttttch

Kitah Lodestone FaceKitah Lunaris looked over at him, as if to say she agreed completely, “I’ll get you some candy when we go back to the Free Company.” She promised.

Orphaniel Lodestone FaceOrphaniel Bunansa just watches as Evie steals the candy right out of his hand. He doesn’t seem to be in a position to resist or to complain.

Ryoku Lodestone FaceRyoku Hellvalor pouts some to himself. “I want candy too.”

xavier-lodestone-faceXavier Ruairidh pulls out another piece of candy and holds it out to Kitah “Don’t let her get this one.”

Kitah Lodestone FaceKitah Lunaris grabbed the candy and placed it in the pocket of her pants, “We’ll give this to you later.” She told Orphaniel with a smile, “When it’s safe from candy thieves.”

(Orphaniel Bunansa) What did this RP devolve into? xD
(Xavier Ruairidh) those that like kids and those who don’t and whoever wants candy
(Evie Meliel) Lol
(Xavier Ruairidh) and the mercenary group falls into inner turmoil over candy
(Xavier Ruairidh) screw money… we want to be paid in candy now

evie-lodestone-faceEvie Meliel tilts her head. “Those candy thieves… Dangerous people, they are.” Nodding slowly, she glances at the remaining few. “I suppose I should head out to Ul’dah and find the orphanage there, buy one of these… ” She points at the kid.

Orphaniel Lodestone FaceOrphaniel Bunansa disagrees with Evie Meliel.

Ryoku Lodestone FaceRyoku Hellvalor smirks some at Evie. “Well now I suppose I know another way to pay Evie for her work.

evie-lodestone-faceEvie Meliel glances at Ryoku. “You could just let me take this one.”

xavier-lodestone-faceXavier Ruairidh nods to Orphaniel Bunansa.

Kitah Lodestone FaceKitah Lunaris Kitah raised an eyebrow at them all, but shook her head, “He is not in charge of Orphaniel, I am.” She reminded

Orphaniel Lodestone FaceOrphaniel Bunansa whispers to Kitah. “She will just sell me back to Master Atoya if she finds out…”
Orphaniel expresses his worry with Kitah Lunaris.

Ryoku Lodestone FaceRyoku Hellvalor laughed out loud at Evie. “Trust me I have far more I can give you at the office. Just stay out of my drawers”

Kitah Lodestone FaceKitah Lunaris glanced at Orphaniel and shook her head, “Don’t worry, I’ve got you.” She whispered softly.

evie-lodestone-faceEvie Meliel peers down at Orphaniel. “You want to go shopping with me?” she says in a low tone, ignoring the other comments made.

(Orphaniel Bunansa) Orphaniel will kick your ass.
(Evie Meliel) Lol
(Evie Meliel) Evie will cut him!

Kitah Lodestone FaceKitah Lunaris took a few steps back, “I think we should be returning, don’t you?”

Orphaniel Lodestone FaceOrphaniel Bunansa just frowns at Evie.

Ryoku Lodestone FaceRyoku Hellvalor Lets hand this in, I don’t mind giving X here some of the cut to get him a taste of the spoils. I’ll uhh let you handle the hand in Kitah. You know me and money.”

xavier-lodestone-faceXavier Ruairidh sighs and shakes his head, giving a shrugs and a glare at Ryoku with a look that ask what the hell he was just roped into.

Kitah Lodestone FaceKitah Lunaris the look of complete exasperation on Kitah’s face said it all, “Yeah. Money and you are not friends.” She said, completely deadpan before she looked at Orphaniel, “Ready to get out?”

(Orphaniel Bunansa) Ryoku: “Shopping spreeeee!” \o/
(Evie Meliel) Gonna go lala shopping
(Evie Meliel) TO ULDAH
(Evie Meliel) Got to be a lala there that wants an abusive mother
(Orphaniel Bunansa) They probably wouldn’t be a kid >_>

Orphaniel Lodestone FaceOrphaniel Bunansa is still in Kitah’s arms as he nods quietly.

evie-lodestone-faceEvie Meliel glances at the rest of the group and waves. “Going shopping now. ”

(Orphaniel Bunansa) Somebody stop her by grabbing her by the tail. >:C
(Evie Meliel) Lol

xavier-lodestone-faceXavier Ruairidh rubbing the back of neck “Well this has been…. entertaining.”

Orphaniel Lodestone FaceOrphaniel Bunansa gazes upon Kitah Lunaris in deep reflection.

Kitah Lodestone FaceKitah Lunaris gently pats Orphaniel Bunansa.
Kitah Lunaris gently pats Xavier Ruairidh.

xavier-lodestone-faceXavier Ruairidh consoles Kitah Lunaris.
Xavier Ruairidh gently pats Kitah Lunaris.

[The group part ways, with Kitah, Orphaniel, and Xavier returning to the free company estate.]

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